TheBitcoin.Casino Review

TheBitcoin.Casino is a relatively new online casino that, as the name suggests, accepts bitcoins. At the time this review was written, this gambling site only had a few games but they were arguably good enough to entertain players who would sign up for an account.

TheBitcoin.Casino makes it easy for players to get an account through its simple and fast account registration. You can sign up through the usual process of filling out the registration form or you can quickly get an account using your Facebook or Twitter account.

This online casino appears to be newly created gambling site that still needs more polishing. It has only a few games. It has very few pages. Its FAQ page only has a few basic questions and answers so it’s not really that useful. Additionally, this online bitcoin casino does not offer bonuses and other forms of promotions or player rewards. It has no affiliate program and support is limited to email.

Account Registration

To get a TheBitcoin.Casino account, you will have to complete an account registration form that asks for a player nickname, email address, password, and real first name (optional). It shouldn’t take you more than 15 to 20 seconds to complete these. Be careful in entering your password. We actually got accustomed to entering passwords twice in registration forms that we entered our password in the Real First Name field. We belatedly realized this when we examined the profile page.

Once you submit the form, you will be required to verify your account. Expect an email from TheBitcoin.Casino on your inbox. This email contains the code you need to use for your account verification. In our experience, we received the verification code almost instantly so we were able to complete the whole account registration process in less than 20 seconds.

You will be automatically logged into your account after entering the code and completing the account verification process.

You may also sign up for an account through your Facebook or Twitter account. On the top part of the homepage of TheBitcoin.Casnio, there are “Connect with” Facebook and Twitter buttons. Just click on the social media button you prefer so you can proceed to quickly sign up for an account through your Facebook or Twitter account.

TheBitcoin.Casino User Interface and Site Languages

Upon entering your account for the first time, the interface you will see is not that different from how the site looks like before you get to log in. You will find the same layout, buttons, and links. There should be no problems navigating around the site as it is highly intuitive. You have to activate javascript support on your browser, though (if you are using script or ad blockers). Otherwise, you will see some elements on the site not properly getting rendered.

If you want to make changes in your account details, just click on the Profile link on the top or bottom part of the site. All of the details you entered during the account registration are editable, including your email address and password.

There’s nothing much to find on TheBitcoin.Casino interface. There’s no option for two-factor authentication. You will not be asked to set your timezone. You can’t set self-exclusion or gambling addiction controls. The basics are adequately covered, though, so there’s nothing much to complain about.

TheBitcoin.Casino implements an automatic session timeout system so you will be logged out of your account after moments of being idle.

The site has a Frequently Asked Questions page but it only has four sets of questions and answers in it. It’s not really that useful.

TheBitcoin.Casino is only available in English texts. There is no option to switch to other languages.

TheBitcoin.Casino Games

As mentioned, there aren’t that many games in TheBitcoin.Casino. There were only a total of 14 games on the site, separated into two groups when we did this TheBitcoin.Casino review.

The first group is for Baccarat Tables. There are 4 of these games on the site. These bitcoin baccarat games are basic baccarat games that use standard and “deluxe” rules. They are bitcoin multiplayer games. Minimum bet required for all these games is 0.01 mBTC.

The second group of games is the Slots Tables. They are jackpot slots with 9, 15, and 25 line variants. They require a minimum bet 0.01 mBTC.

Game loading time is relatively fast but this should be expected considering that the games don’t feature impressive graphics and animations in them.

You can play multiple games at the same time. Unlike other online bitcoin casinos that only allow you to open one game at a time, TheBitcoin.Casino lets you load multiple games in different windows. A game you opened earlier will not be overridden by the new one you open (like what happens in most other online casinos).

Unfortunately, TheBitcoin.Casino cannot be considered a free bitcoin casino. It does not have free play or demo versions of its games. It also does not provide Fun or Play Money currencies to let layers test the games first before making a real bitcoin bet.

TheBitcoin.Casino Software and Fairness

TheBitcoin.Casino website does not provide details on the provider of the games. However, we are inclined to believe that these are proprietary games. The games don’t show any branding when they get loaded. Also, the games are not provably fair. They don’t come with fairness testing widgets and the site also does not mention anything about the games being provably fair. Additionally, there is nothing mentioned on the site regarding the fairness of the Random Number Generator used in the games. Other online casinos don’t offer provably fair testing but they present certifications from organizations such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) to back their claims of fair games.

TheBitcoin.Casino Is Mobile-Friendly

Good news for those who want to play TheBitcoin.Casino games on their mobile devices: this online casino is mobile friendly. Its layout and the amount of content on the site automatically adjust to provide optimal viewing when accessed using mobile devices. It scores a poor 38/100 on Google’s Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool, though (and 41/100 for desktop speed). Based on our experience, it’s not really that slow on mobile and desktop, provided that you use relatively new devices with good specs. Expect poor performance if you are using a mobile device from around a decade ago.

Currencies Accepted, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Bitcoin is the only currency accepted on TheBitcoin.Casino.

To make deposits, just click on the Cashier link on the top or bottom part of the site. A bitcoin deposit address is presented on the page. Copy the address or scan the QR code to proceed to make a deposit. The minimum deposit amount required is 0.01 mBTC.  Deposits only require 1 confirmation.

A new bitcoin deposit address will be used every time you make a deposit so don’t save the deposit address. The site does not mention what happens if you make a deposit to an old deposit address. Some sites make them invalid (without refunds) but others still accept them as long as they are deposited within a certain period from the last time the address was last used. To be sure that you will not be losing bitcoins, just avoid making any deposit to an old deposit address. Always go to the Cashier page to get the new address every time you need to make a deposit.

When it comes to withdrawals, you have to make a cashout request through Cashier page. The minimum cashout required is 2 mBTC or 0.002 BTC. You will be asked for your TheBitcoin.Casino password every time you make a withdrawal or cashout.

According to TheBitcoin.Casino FAQ page, payouts are done “in a few days.” There is no specific number of days mentioned.

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, TheBitcoin.Casino does not offer bonuses and promotions. It does not have a first deposit bonus, reload bonus, and other bonuses matched with the deposits made. It also has no player reward schemes. Likewise, it does not have an affiliate program. You may only make bitcoins by playing and winning in the site’s limited number of games. Also, TheBitcoin.Casino does not have a bitcoin faucet that would allow players to start playing without having to make a deposit.


Country Restrictions

TheBitcoin.Casino does not state any country restriction. If you can access the site and sign up for an account, you may proceed to playing the games and making bets. However, there’s no guarantee that you will not be violating online gambling laws for doing so. The responsibility in determining whether or not online gambling with bitcoins is legal is on the players. TheBitcoin.Casino may decide to terminate accoutns and forfeit balances and you can’t have means to hold the site accountable if online gambling is illegal in your country or territory.

Policy on Anonymity

Just like the country restrictions, there is nothing stated on TheBitcoin.Casino regarding their policy on anonymous. We are inclined to considering TheBitcoin.Casino as an anonymous bitcoin casino. This is because the site does not have a policy of requiring players to reveal their full names and provide proofs of identity. The site only asks for a Real First Name during the account registration process but there is nothing on the site that says that the identity of the players may be verified by the site before deposits or withdrawals are allowed.

TheBitcoin.Casino License, Regulation, and Security

There is nothing mentioned on TheBitcoin.Casino website regarding its license and regulation. That’s why we can’t consider this TheBicoin.Casino as a licensed bitcoin casino. There’s also nothing stated about the company running it nor the address of its base of operations.

TheBitcoin.Casino Player Support

Unfortunately, if you want to send inquiries or complaints, the only option available is through email. Send your emails to all.support@thebitcoin.casino or click on the Contact Us link at the footer part of the site. There are no other obvious ways to reach TheBitcoin.Casino admin or support team. You can reach them through Twitter but the  address is shown as an image so are unlikely to notice it.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean interface and fast loading games
  • Only 1 confirmation required for deposits
  • Quick account registration and possibly supports anonymous bitcoin gambling (since no proofs of identity or required)


  • Few game options
  • The games are not provably fair and don’t come with fairness certifications for their Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • No bonuses and promotions
  • No demo or free version of games, no FUN currency or play money
  • Limited support