Non-UK Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrencies have taken the online gambling industry by storm. Consequently, numerous casino sites are accepting only virtual currencies. However, realizing the potential of cryptos, many traditional online casinos have also included digital currencies to cater to players who prefer using cryptos for online gambling. As a result, the number of crypto-friendly casinos is constantly rising.

The non-UKGC gambling market is no different, so non-UKGC crypto casinos are no longer rare. Although the majority of them have banking pages with both fiat and virtual currencies, the fact is that cryptos continue to grow in popularity. Namely, cryptos are no longer used only by tech-savvy players. More and more gamers pick digital money for gambling online for several good reasons.

In this review, we’ll zero in on all the advantages and certain downsides of using virtual currencies at casinos and explain whether non-UKGC crypto gambling is legal. Also, we provide a list of the best non-UKGC crypto gambling sites we’ve tested ourselves

Join the Best non-UKGC Crypto Casinos

We’ve already mentioned that the number of non-UKGC crypto casinos is growing since digital currencies are no longer a novelty in online gambling. Therefore, picking the right casino is not an easy task. The Top10CasinoReview website is run by online casino experts. So, our team of seasoned gamers and fintech specialists rolled up their sleeves to comb through all the crypto-friendly gambling sites to choose the best ones for you. Here is the Top10CasinoReview selection of top crypto casinos for non-UKGC players:  

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Is non-UKGC Gambling with Crypto Legal in Crypto Casino?

Crypto non-UKGC gambling is legal. However, things are not as simple as they seem initially since not all the Gambling Commission comprehensively regulates this type of gambling. It doesn’t ban it either; in other words, non-UKGC cryptos in some countries are still in the grey area; we will write extensively on this subject matter in another article.

Offshore crypto online casinos offer many international crypto-friendly gambling venues for non-UKGC Players. Most of them are licensed in Curacao, so you can rest assured these sites are legal and safe.

How to Get Started: Quick non-UKGC Crypto Casino Guide

Gambling at crypto online casinos is essentially the same, no matter where you come from. Experienced players know how it works. However, for all the crypto novices, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide explaining everything you need to do to start spinning, rolling, or dealing at your preferred crypto casino site.

1. Set Up Your Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is a secure digital wallet storing your digital currencies. There are two main types: hot and cold crypto wallets. The main difference between them is the connection to the Internet. Hot wallets are connected to the Internet and are user-friendly. However, they could be more secure. You can choose web, mobile, and desktop wallets. The main benefit of these options is they are free.

On the other hand, cold wallets are stored on an offline device, so you’ll have to purchase a piece of hardware, which is costly. However, these wallets are more secure. Some of the most popular crypto wallets are Coinbase Wallet, Binance, DeFi Wallet, and Exodus. When you choose the brand, download the software and register the account. You’ll get public and private keys and a QR code you’ll use to send and receive cryptos.

2. Purchase Crypto

After setting up your wallet, decide which digital currency you want to buy. We recommend you check the casino sites first to see which currencies are supported. It will help you choose the coins.

Next, log into your account, select one of the fiat options you wish to use to purchase coins, and confirm the transaction. It’s worth noting that many crypto wallets are linked to major crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken, simplifying the process. The coins will appear in your digital account when you finish the transaction.

3. Choose the Crypto Casino from Our List

When deciding which site to join, consider several criteria. Supported digital currencies are the no.1 factor, of course, but it’s not the only one. Open the casino lobby to see which games are on offer, visit the promotions page to learn about bonuses, and check if the casino is licensed. If everything is in check, click the Signup button.

4. Deposit, Claim Bonuses & Play Real Money Games

When you join the site, make the first deposit. If you like the welcome bonus, claim it and enjoy its benefits. Or select another promo that suits you better. Finally, browse the library to find your favorite games and start your crypto gambling adventure. Good luck.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies at UK Online Casinos

The number of digital tokens today is mind-boggling. According to CoinMarketCap, more than 8,900 cryptocurrencies are currently on the market. Luckily for casino players, not all are included in the casinos’ cashiers. In fact, just a select few are available as casino banking methods. The most popular ones, of course. Let’s see which digital currencies are regular “guests” on the casino banking pages and why.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first-ever crypto to enter the scene is still the world’s best-known and most popular digital coin. Bitcoin was launched in January 2009, making a huge splash and changing how people transact online. It also changed how casino players make deposits and cash out winnings at online casinos.

Therefore, you’ll find Bitcoin at all crypto online gambling sites across the globe, which is the most significant advantage of picking BTC as your preferred casino payment method. Another benefit of Bitcoin is you can use it to play all casino games, from online slots and table games to live dealer titles. Finally, as the most accepted cryptocurrency globally, you’ll find BTC welcome bonuses at many crypto sites.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second most popular digital currency in the world. It is a decentralized open-source blockchain system with its own crypto – ETH. So, what makes Ethereum so unique that it earned its place on the throne right next to BTC?

Ethereum introduced the concept of smart contracts, removing all intermediaries used to complete the transactions. In other words, the Ethereum network processes payments automatically. Simply put, ETH made online transactions more efficient and cheaper. As a result, Ethereum quickly gained traction and became one of the most used payment methods at crypto-gambling sites.

Tether (USDT)

Tether was launched in 2014 as a blockchain-powered platform that allows players to use fiat currencies for transactions across the blockchain. However, Tether is not only the first blockchain-enabled digital platform. The best-known stablecoin, USDT, also follows the value of another fiat currency – the USD.

In other words, Tether is a digital dollar. The main advantage of such an approach is that USDT ensures stability and mitigates the high volatility generally associated with cryptos. To help you understand better, Tether is pegged 1:1 to the USD, meaning 1 USDT is worth $1.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin uses the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin. However, LTC has significantly lower fees and is much faster than BTC, which makes it one of the best options for online gambling. For example, the Litecoin Network takes less than 2.5 minutes to confirm the transaction, while BTC usually needs 9 minutes.

Moreover, many more Litecoins are circulating than Bitcoins, making it easier to get. Consequently, LTC is also one of the most widely accepted cryptos globally. The altcoin was created by a former Google employee, Charlie Lee, who wanted to offer a “light version of Bitcoin”. Therefore, LTC has many similarities with Bitcoin but differs in speed and transaction fees.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Based on the Doge meme that was viral at the time, Dogecoin wasn’t taken seriously at first. With a good reason, of course. The digital currency was launched in 2013 as a parody of Bitcoin, featuring Shiba Inu on its logo. However, Dogecoin soon proved it was not a joke at all.

The open-source digital currency was forked from Litecoin and gained serious traction when Elon Musk posted several tweets saying DOGE is his favorite cryptocurrency. Today, DOGE is among the most popular digital coins accepted by many online casinos worldwide. One of the reasons why Dogecoin won over so many casino players is that it is much faster than Bitcoin and costs less, so casual gamers can afford it.

Benefits of Playing at Crypto Casinos

After learning about the most popular cryptocurrencies used at non-UKGC online casinos, it’s time to explore the advantages of playing at crypto casinos. Here are some key benefits of using virtual currencies for online gaming.

Unlike traditional payment methods, you do not share sensitive data with the casino when you gamble with cryptocurrencies. Although you’re not revealing your personal data to the casino but providing login details to your banking method, the risk of hacking still exists.  With cryptocurrencies, privacy is guaranteed, as no one knows who you are. The only thing you need to make crypto transactions is the public key you get while setting up your crypto wallet. To help you understand it better, we’ll compare the public key to an email address. You use it to send and receive payments.
Another great thing about virtual money is it has much lower processing fees. Since crypto online casinos use blockchain technology, they allow cheaper transactions. Unlike standard online gambling sites, most crypto casinos don’t even have processing fees.  The transactions at crypto casinos are handled directly by the casino, thus avoiding intermediaries and their costs. On the other hand, banks or payment providers charge transaction fees when you withdraw funds from traditional casinos. These costs can lower your winnings, so the benefit of playing at crypto casinos is obvious.
At online casinos with standard banking methods, you’ll usually wait a few days to receive your winnings due to slow payment processing methods. First, the casinos have a pending period to review your withdrawal request. Your banking method must verify this transaction when they approve the payment.  Crypto casinos facilitate near-instant transactions, allowing you to receive your money within minutes. At the same time, blockchain technology is considered one of the most secure ways to make online transactions. This digital ledger is entirely decentralized, free from intermediaries like banks or other financial institutions. All transactions are encrypted and, therefore, much safer. 
Another unique thing about crypto casinos are provably fair games. While standard online casinos rely on RNGs, crypto gambling sites use cryptographic algorithms. As a result, provably fair games allow players to check their fairness at any time, so there’s no chance of cheating since the outcomes are provable and transparent.  Provably fair games use open-source algorithms and run on smart contracts platforms. It means that casinos can’t alter the result of bets, allowing each player an equal chance of winning.
Crypto casinos are not limited by geographical borders – they have a global reach. In other words, you can join the crypto site regardless of your location. This is excellent news for gamers from countries where online gambling is not regulated or where online gambling regulations are stringent. So, crypto casinos could be considered a safe haven for gamers from all over the globe.

Downsides of Crypto Casino Gambling

While cryptocurrencies provide many advantages, crypto casino gambling still has certain disadvantages. We’ll highlight a few of them.

  1. High volatility: Cryptocurrencies are unstable, with prices fluctuating dramatically sometimes. It means that the value of your preferred digital currency can rise or drop at any time. This makes managing your bankroll challenging. Reportedly, the value of cryptos can rise or fall 10-20% within a day. Therefore, choosing stablecoins like USDT might be a wise decision.
  2. Limited Acceptance: Although cryptocurrencies are no longer a novelty, the number of iGaming sites accepting cryptos is still limited. Many casino sites still need to be willing to include digital currencies and still lean on traditional payment options.
  3. Regulatory Challenges: We’ve mentioned that geographical borders do not limit crypto sites. They are available globally. This is a good thing, of course, but this also entails certain risks. Virtual currencies are not regulated by any financial institution, which could be problematic. Also, many sites operate without an iGaming license, which is risky


The most widely accepted digital currencies at casino sites are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Binance.

It depends. These sites utilize blockchain technology that is inherently secure. Also, most crypto sites have the Curacao iGaming licence, which ensures they are regulated. However, there are many unlicensed cryptocurrency casinos. So, you should be careful when choosing the casino and stick to lists of sites tested by experienced gamers like us.

Sure. These sites have special offers tailored for players who use digital currencies, so you won’t have a problem finding and claiming welcome promos at crypto casinos.

Yes, you can, but only on sites based abroad with offshore iGaming licenses, like Curacao.

All game types available at standard online casinos are available at crypto casino venues. You can play slots, RNG table games, live dealer titles, and specialty games

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