Payforit Casinos – History of Payforit

Payforit is a relatively young payment method that emerged in the UK around 2007. It was designed to facilitate simple and secure payments directly through your phone bill in collaboration with major mobile network operators. This focus on mobile convenience has contributed to its growing presence in mobile-optimized online casinos.

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How to Use Payforit in Online Casinos

  1. Locate a Payforit Casino: Find an online casino that supports Payforit as a deposit method. These casinos often prominently highlight Payforit’s logo.
  2. Deposit: Navigate to the casino’s cashier/deposit section and select Payforit.
  3. Enter Mobile Number: Provide your mobile phone number and the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. SMS Confirmation: You’ll receive an SMS with a confirmation code. Reply to the SMS or follow the provided instructions to authorize the payment.
  5. Deposit Success: The funds will appear in your casino balance -charged to your next phone bill or deducted from your available prepaid credit.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Payforit


  1. Casino Account: Log in to your Payforit casino and navigate to the cashier/deposit section.
  2. Select Payforit: Choose Payforit as your deposit method.
  3. Deposit Amount: Input the amount you’d like to deposit. Remember that Payforit often has daily and monthly limits.
  4. Mobile Number: Provide the mobile phone number associated with your carrier account.
  5. SMS Code: You’ll receive an SMS text message with a confirmation code. Follow the instructions within the SMS to authorize the payment.
  6. Deposit Success: The funds will appear in your casino balance, and the corresponding amount will be charged to your next phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.


  1. Choose Alternative Method: Select a different withdrawal method offered by your casino (e.g., e-wallet, bank transfer).
  2. Withdrawal Request: Initiate a withdrawal request and provide the necessary details for your chosen alternative method.
  3. Processing Time: The casino will review and process your request. Timing can vary based on the casino and your selected withdrawal method.

Advantages of Payforit Casinos

  • Extreme Convenience: Payforit offers unparalleled simplicity. You do not need to remember account details or enter lengthy card information.
  • Mobile Focus: Payforit is ideally suited for players who prefer gaming on their smartphones and value streamlined payment processes.
  • Speed: Payforit deposits are near-instantaneous, allowing you to start playing immediately.
  • Budgeting Aid: The limitations on deposit amounts can help some players manage their spending.

Disadvantages of Payforit Casinos

  • Limited Availability: Payforit casinos are relatively less common than those supporting more traditional payment methods.
  • Deposit Limits: Payforit typically has low daily and monthly deposit limits, which could be more suitable for high rollers.
  • Withdrawals Not Supported: You’ll need an alternative way to withdraw your winnings.
  • Primarily UK-Focused: While expanding, Payforit is most prevalent with UK-based mobile network operators and online casinos.

Payforit’s Popularity

Payforit’s appeal stems from its incredible ease of use and tight integration with mobile gaming experiences. Players who prioritize simplicity and convenience, especially within the UK market, find Payforit a compelling choice.

Reasons for UK Popularity

  • Collaboration with Major Carriers: Payforit was created through a partnership with major UK mobile phone network operators. This integration provides a seamless user experience for UK customers.
  • Mobile Focus: Payforit’s focus on enabling payments directly through your phone bill aligns perfectly with the widespread use of smartphones in the UK, especially for smaller transactions.
  • Simplicity and Accessibility: Payforit offers unparalleled ease of use, requiring no accounts or entering lengthy card details. This appeals to a broad range of users.
  • Regulation: Payforit is regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA), which provides oversight and protection for UK consumers.

Presence in Other Regions

While most dominant in the UK, Payforit has expanded its reach to a limited extent into certain other countries, including:

  • Ireland: Some online casinos serving the Irish market might support Payforit.
  • Germany: Payforit has made inroads into Germany, but its availability is less widespread than in the UK.
  • Other Potential Regions: Payforit might explore further expansion, but its primary focus remains within the UK market.

Factors Affecting Wider Adoption

  • Carrier Collaboration: Payforit’s reliance on partnerships with mobile network operators is key for its integration and popularity in different regions.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Varying regulations surrounding mobile payments in different countries can influence Payforit’s expansion potential.
  • Alternative Payment Methods: The prevalence of diverse, established payment solutions in many regions could present competition for Payforit.

Fees and Limits

  • Payforit Fees: Fees associated with Payforit casino deposits generally come from two sources: 
    • Mobile Carrier Fees: Your mobile network operator might charge you for transactions made using Payforit. These could be reflected in your monthly phone bill or be deducted from your prepaid balance.
    • Casino Fees: While less common, some casinos might apply a processing fee to Payforit deposits.
  • Transaction Limits: Payforit typically has strict limitations on the amount you can deposit through phone billing: 
    • Daily Limits: Often capped at around $30 (or equivalent currency) per day.
    • Monthly Limits: Limits might exist on your overall monthly spending using Payforit. These limits vary depending on your carrier.

Choosing the Best Payforit Casino

  • Carrier Compatibility: Ensure the casino supports Payforit transactions through your specific mobile phone network provider.
  • Reputation and Licensing: Always prioritize licensed casinos with a good track record to ensure safety and fairness.
  • Game Variety: Select casinos with a diverse range of games you enjoy, especially mobile-optimized ones, to take full advantage of Payforit’s convenience.
  • Customer Service: If you have questions or issues related to Payforit deposits, choose casinos with responsive customer service channels.

Payforit Security

  • Carrier-Level Protections: Payforit transactions rely on security measures implemented by mobile network providers.
  • SMS Confirmation: Payforit requires an SMS confirmation code to authorize each payment, adding a layer of transaction protection.
  • Transaction Limits: Payforit’s built-in daily and monthly limits can offer a degree of protection by limiting potential losses in case of unauthorized uses.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Both mobile carriers and casinos might utilize fraud detection systems to identify unusual Payforit activity.

Alternatives to Payforit Casinos

  • E-wallets: For greater flexibility in both deposits and withdrawals, e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal (if supported) are popular alternatives.
  • Mobile Payment Apps: Depending on your location, mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay or Google Pay might be supported for casino deposits.
  • Traditional Payment Methods: Credit/debit cards or bank transfers could be viable options if available in your region.

Transaction Processing Times

  • Deposits: Payforit deposits are near-instantaneous. The funds should appear in your casino balance immediately after confirming the transaction via SMS.
  • Withdrawals: Payforit is a deposit-focused method. You cannot withdraw casino winnings directly through Payforit. You’ll need to select an alternative withdrawal method supported by the casino.

Payforit Casino Bonuses

Occasionally, special promotions or bonus offers tailored to Payforit deposits are found at online casinos. However, these are not as widespread as bonuses for other payment options.

Fun Facts about Payforit

  • UK Focus: Payforit originated in the UK and enjoys most of its popularity within the UK market.
  • Mobile Simplicity: Payforit excels in providing streamlined payments directly linked to your mobile phone account.
  • Designed for Smaller Deposits: Payforit’s limits make it a suitable option for players seeking to manage their spending.

Payforit Casinos FAQs

A Payforit casino lets you make deposits that are charged directly to your mobile phone bill.

You’ll need to be with a supported mobile carrier. Check the Payforit website or your casino for compatible networks.

You provide your mobile number, the deposit amount, and then confirm the transaction via SMS code.

Yes, your funds should appear in your casino balance almost immediately.


Your mobile carrier might charge fees, and some casinos may also charge small processing fees.

No, Payforit is deposit-focused. You’ll need an alternative withdrawal method supported by the casino.

Yes, Payforit usually has strict daily and monthly deposit limits.

Payforit casinos are more common in the UK. Look for casinos targeting this market.

 Payforit utilizes carrier-level security and SMS verification.

Extreme convenience, privacy, and potential for aiding in budgeting due to deposit limits.

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