Conquer Courageous Realms in a Thrilling Adventure in Worms of Valor by AvatarUX

26 Mar, 2024 / Rebecca Taylor

Dive into an exciting adventure in Worms of Valor, where warrior worms, led by a majestic king worm, engage in battles for wealth and glory. With its captivating visuals and lively animations, the game brings the battlefield to life as brave worms fight fiercely to claim their fortune.

Worms-of-Valor-slot-game-image bannerUnveiling Worms of Valor

In Worms of Valor, AvatarUX introduces ZapReel paired with PopWins, which is now featuring Popscades. This blend creates a unique gaming experience that offers exciting chances for lucrative rewards.

With Popscades, those symbols vanish from the reels whenever you hit a winning combo in Worms of Valor. Plus, the reel gets taller, giving you even more chances to win. Meanwhile, the ZapReel hangs out above the reels, offering five spots where you can snag some exciting rewards to up the thrill of the game.

Here, you can find some cool rewards like Wilds, instant cash prizes, Reel Unlock, and Multipop on the ZapReel. Plus, in the main grid, there’s a boost symbol that can amp up your prizes even more. It might add a multiplier or boost your cash prize, adding extra fun to your gameplay experience. 

You trigger free spins when you land three or more bonus symbols during the game. The reels stay partly unlocked between spins, boosting winning opportunities. Fully unlocking a reel earns extra spins with 4x payouts.

In Worms of Valor, you can win in both directions, doubling your chances of hitting a winning combination. Up to 59,049 paylines are available, so many opportunities exist to score big. If luck is on your side, you could snag a massive jackpot worth up to 10,000 times your initial bet.

Worms of Valor joins AvatarUX’s lineup of exciting games, adding to their diverse collection of innovative features and mechanics. Initially, it’s only available to AvatarUX’s partner platforms that have direct connections, but it will be released worldwide later on.

Lowdown on Action-Packed Adventure

Lara Falzon, AvatarUX’s CEO, excitedly described Worms of Valor as an action-packed adventure with oversized reels and massive payouts. She emphasized including the ZapReel feature and Popscades, offering a unique gaming experience.

She also expressed optimism that the game will resonate well with the company’s fanbase. She emphasized the company’s commitment to providing innovative gameplay mechanics that set its titles apart and expressed confidence that Worms of Valor would be a hit among players worldwide.

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